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Garden Phlox (Phlox panniculata)

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Planting Phlox Paniculata

Phlox Paniculata are very rewarding plants for the border, they bloom abundant and most of them are fragrant.

Prepare a well-drained planting site by removing large clumps and stones and mix the Top soil with some potting compost. Plant them in the prepared planting site. Plants can be lifted and divided in the spring and Autumn. Removal of fading flower heads & pruning until mid-summer will produce more stems and a later blooming plant. Do not water Phlox at night as this can cause powdery mildew, allow foliage sufficient time to dry out before nightfall.

Fertilize with a water soluble fertilizer. During early spring give some organic fertilizer on top. Divide the plants every three years and replant the young healthy looking sprouts. Discard any old brown centre parts of the old plant.

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