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Perennial gardens

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Planting new container grown perennials

Most Perennials aren’t fussy about planting times. They can be planted in autumn or in spring, as long as they are not in a period of active growth. Young plants are excellent for making New borders or just to fill in gaps. Water the plants in their existing pots before gently removing them with a trowel and planting in the soil. For best results mix the topsoil with some garden compost or manure. Plant the plants in a hole approx. twice as wide as the pot and with the crown of the plant at about the same level as it was in the pot (if planted too low they may rot) fan out the roots and press down firmly, fill the soil in and around the root ball. After planting apply a layer of mulch around the plant to help retain moisture and it also helps to get the plants established faster.

What to feed your plants

You can enhance your garden plants by providing them with a few good meals throughout the summer. Pelleted poultry manure can give them the nutrients they need to fight against soil bacteria. Pot plants work better if they are fed with liquid food every fortnight. For flowering plants use dilute liquid tomato food and for anything that’s prized or grown for spectacular foliage it is better to use a general-purpose food. For slowing growing plants that need encouragement use foliar feed. This food is consumed through the leaves giving them a kick-start; it works immediately but is short lived. Once your plants get started change to the liquid feeds.

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