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Amaryllis Red Lion 24/26 - 1 flower bulb

Amaryllis Red Lion 24/26 - 1 flower bulb

Hippeastrum Amaryllis Red Lion is a great plant for indoor. They will flower mostly with two stems bearing plenty of deep velvet red trumpet shaped... $9.95

Michaels Fritillaria Uva Vulpis - 10 flower bulbs

Michael's Fritillaria Uva vulpis has graceful nodding flowers in a dramatic two-tone combination of purple-red tipped with deep golden. They...
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Muscari armeniacum Valerie Finnis x 20

These lovely Grape Hyacinth produce delicate flowers heads of an unusual sky blue colour with a silvery sheen.
20 flower bulbs $6.95      

Muscari Armeniacum x 20

This great variety of Muscari has giant flower heads, twice the normal size and bears lovely deep blue double blooms
20  $4.95      

Muscari azureum - 10 flower bulbs

Muscari ambrosiacum blooms with tightly clustered bright sky blue bell-shaped flowers on 4-6 " tall stems will adorn your borders or rockeries in...
10 flower bulbs $5.95      

Muscari Lollipop Collection - 60 flower bulbs

20 of each variety Purple Lollipops - Silver Blue Lollipops and Azur Blue Lollipops.
60 flower bulbs $9.95      

Muscari macrocarpum Golden Fragrance x 10

RARE: Golden Grape Hyacinths produces spikes of wonderfully musky scented bright golden flowers fading to purple. They are completely hardy and...
10 flower bulbs $14.95      

Muscari Plumosum Feather Hyacinth x 10

Muscari plumosum is a very large flowering member of the Blue Grape Family. They flower with large plumed flowers like a bunch of Ostrich Feathers...
10 flower bulbs $5.95      

Oxalis adenophylla - 10 flower bulbs

Oxalis adenophylla also known as Silver Shamrock is one of the loveliest spring flowering ground covering plants. They bloom with sparkling bright...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Oxalis Iron Cross - 20 flower bulbs

Oxalis Iron Cross produces four leaf clover foliage and smashing pink flowers. But it's not just the good luck
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Oxalis Iron Cross x 5 + Wheelbarrow White - 1 set

Adorable little wheelbarrow ( length 12") complete with compost and 5 lucky clover bulbs. The foliage has a dark purple band which forms a cross on...

Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis x 10

A non commonly offered plant for indoor and outdoor planters. Blooms with soft pink flowers and deep burgundy red foliage. Unique plants and very...
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Poets Daffodil Actaea - 10 flower bulbs

Poeticus Daffodils are one of the earliest cultivaled varieties, they are noted for their spectacular beauty.
10 flower bulbs $12.95      

Puschkinia libanotica Lebanon Squill x 20

These delightful sweet little pale blue flowers are ideal for planting rock gardens, borders and if undisturbed they will naturalise in lawns....
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus Mix - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, giant Ranunculus bulbs produce vibrantly coloured flowers, from the marsh marigold family and bright, tightly...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus orange - 20 flower bulbs

Vibrant orange Ranunculus have fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem produces one to several flowers.
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus Pink - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, these bulbs will product pretty pink fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem produces...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus red - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, these bulbs will produce the deepest red fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus White - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, giant Ranunculus are vibrantly colored white flowers, from the marsh marigold family producing bright, tightly...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus yellow - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, these bulbs will produce vivid yellow fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem produces...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Scilla siberica blue - 20 flower bulbs

Scilla siberica is also known as wood or Siberian squill, it is a bulbous perennial grown for its dainty blue nodding flowers.
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Snowdrift Collections - 60 flower bulbs

March flowering collection of deep starry blue Chionodoxa Snowdrift in combination with glorious Pink Giant Snowdrift and Lebanon Squille...
60 flower bulbs $7.95      

Sparaxis hybrida tricolor mix - 20 flower bulbs

These Sparaxis hybrida tricolor mix will produce a cascade of red to bronze
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Species Tulip Collection - 30 flower bulbs

This precious tulip collection will re-appear for seasons to come, ideal for in borders, rock gardens and pots.
From 30 flower bulbs $12.95      

Spring/Summer bulb garden - 40 flower bulbs

40 naturalizing bulbs for such a low price!
40 flower bulbs $5.95      

Tiger Lily Mix - 3 flower bulbs

Sparkling exotic Twinkle Tiger Lilies are truly delightful. Ideal for borders or large planters they also make great cut flowers and will...
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tiger Lily Pink Flavour - 3 flower bulbs

This Lily grows on firm stems rising up to 100cm and blooms profusely.
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Trumpet Daffodil Topolino - 10 flower bulbs

Lovely mini daffodil with petals which arch backwards. The petals are creamy white and the trumpet is bright golden. They
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Trumpet Daffodil Yellow - 10 flower bulbs

This golden Narcissus has very large trumpets and petals that arch slightly forward, great for re blooming they also make good cut flowers and have...
10 flower bulbs $9.95      

Tulip darwin hybrid Apeldoorn Elite x 10

This lovely multi-colored tulip has a soft vanilla fragrance, sure to please. The flowers are a deep golden with a flush of bright red.
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip darwin hybrid Banja Luka - 10 flower bulbs

Big flowers in bright golden flashed with crimson red, this rare tulip will attract a lot of attention. Blooms from mid to late spring, it has a...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip darwin hybrid Golden Apeldoorn x 10

Unbeatable tulip for the mid season border, this delightful variety has egg- shaped vibrant, sulphorous yellow blooms on tall sturdy stems. Coming...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip darwin hybrid Impression Mix x 10

A spectacular mix of tulips with huge, colourful veined flowers on very strong stems, these tulips are very long lasting in your garden or as cut...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix - 50 flower bulbs

Darwin tulips are known to be the most weather resistant of all the garden tulips. They are also among the largest blooming and most highly valued...
50 flower bulbs $21.95      

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Pink Impression x 10

A popular choice pink Impression has soft pink flowers blushed with cerise. Darwin Hybrid tulips are known to be the most weather resistant of all...
10  $6.95      

Tulip Worlds Favourite x 10

Its delightful fragrance and wonderful colour make it perfect for your garden border.
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Tulip William of Orange x 10

William of Orange is vivid orange flushed with red. Double early tulips have twice as many petals as any other tulips and they make long lasting...
10 flower bulbs $8.95      

Tulip double flowering Ice Cream - 10 flower bulbs

Majestic peony-like flower heads on strong stems, the tighly packed strawberry-pink petals, tinged with green would remind you of a vanilla ice
10 flower bulbs $19.95      

Tulip fosteriana Concerto - 10 flower bulbs

Concerto blooms with elegant creamy white flowers on grey-green foliage with a striking black base.
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip fosteriana Purissima - 10 flower bulbs

Tulip Purissima has elegant ivory tulip with egg shaped flowers and blooms mid season on tall stems.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   $5.95       

Tulip fringed Bell Song - 10 flower bulbs

This mid season flowering beauty is a rich shade of pink with white fringed edges, it will stand out dramatically in your garden and look fantastic...
10 flower bulbs $8.95      

Tulip fringed Black Jewel - 5 flower bulbs

This tall variety 'Black Jewel' blooms with striking blackish-burgundy petals with ruffled edges in late April and early May.
5 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip fringed Crispion Beauty - 5 flower bulbs

This outstanding new variety has large peony-like double flowers in a dazzling shade of crimson flashed with green and with golden fringed edges.
5 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip fringed Fancy Frills - 10 flower bulbs

A showstopper of the tulip world. This fine border tulip has delicate "icicles" along the edges of the flowers which only add to their amazing...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip fringed Lambada - 10 flower bulbs

Lambada is a delightful apricot, orange tulip with a finely cut golden fringe around the edge of each petal. Visitors to your home will be charmed...
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Tulip fringed Valery Gergiev - 10 flower bulbs

The glowing red variety Fringed Valery gergiev is truly dramatic crimson red with attractive crystal like fringes of the same color.
10 flower bulbs $9.95      

Tulip greigii Art Royal - 10 flower bulbs

Create a fabulous effect in the garden with these bold, bright Greigii Art Royal tulips, they are a gorgeous golden color flamed with fiery red and...
10 flower bulbs $8.95      

Tulip greigii German Flag - 10 flower bulbs

This exquisite variety has large flowerheads with crimson petals distinctively edged in contasting golden on short stems with attractive green...
10 flower bulbs $8.95      

Tulip Greigii Kiev - 10 flower bulbs

A totally new variety only available here! Kiev blooms with huge flowers often exceeding 7" in width, they are brilliantly colored with deep golden...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   $7.95       

Tulip greigii Rosana - 10 flower bulbs

These spring beauties have delicate pink star-like blooms tinged with deeper pink turning to crimson with yellow and black centers. Greigii tulips...
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Tulip greigii Toronto - 10 flower bulbs

This tulip has rich coral red blooms accented by a broad stroke of green right up the centre of each petal, the flowers are long lasting and their...
10 flower bulbs $7.95