New Flower Bulbs and Plants in our assortment

Ixia Spotlight - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Spotlight - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Spotlight blooms with a multitude of long lasting white flowers. They are half-hardy and will re-appear in mild areas given a light mulch... $5.95

Allium combo Molly/Oreophilum - 100 flower bulbs

A superb collection and a fantastic addition to any rock garden or border....
100 flower bulbs $6.95      

Allium Combo Nigrum Atropurpureum x 20

A outstanding combination of two very popular Alliums. Flowering at the same time helps to create a stunning effect in spring. They make perfect...
20 flower bulbs $14.95      

Amaryllis Aphrodite 22/24 - 1 flower bulb

Hippeastrum Amaryllis Aphrodite is named after the Greek goddess of love and beauty. It produces glorious double pink-and-white flowers with...

Amaryllis Clown 30/32 - 1 flower bulb

Amaryllis Clown is a very colourful variety bearing huge blooms of clear white petals, which are generously feathered with scarlet red stripes....
$17.95   $16.95       

Amaryllis Floris Hekker 22/24 - 1 flower bulb

Amaryllis Floris Hekker is an excellent variety to help brighten up your home. It produces plenty of large velvety-red blooms with deep dark red...

Amaryllis Gervase 28/30 - 1 flower bulb

Hippeastrum Amaryllis Gervase is such a stunning Amaryllis. Its pale to deep magenta-pink petals with white highlights are randomly streaked with...

Amaryllis Showmaster 22/24 - 1 flower bulb

Hippeastrum Amaryllis Showmaster is a real showstopper with its sharp pointed petals in white, sprayed by a deep red, very artistic display....

Amaryllis Susan 30/32 - 1 flower bulb

Susan is the best Amaryllis to help brighten up your home and add a splash of colour on those dreary winter days. It produces long-lasting...

Anemone hybrida Honorine Jobert - 3 plants

Anemone hybrids are amongst the finest and most sought after late summer flowering plants,
3 plants $9.95   $7.95       

Anemone hybrida Pamina - 3 plants

Semi double flowers in a very pretty purple-pink colour with contrasting yellow stamens on wiry upright stems....
From 3 plants $9.95   $7.95       

Daffodil Ma Belle 14/16 - 10 flower bulbs

Exclusive Narcissus ‘Ma Belle’ produces perfectly formed large creamy white flowers with long bright golden trumpets on single stems. Trumpet......
10 flower bulbs $14.95   $13.95       

Daffodil Snow Ball 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

This superb Narcissus Snowball produces magnificent double pure white fragrant flowers. This double effect makes a very interesting flower that...
10 flower bulbs $19.95      

Daffodil Tricollet 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus 'Tricollet' is a mid to late season bloomer with white petals and a bright yellow to orange cup split into three segments. This spilt...
10 flower bulbs $12.95      

Eremurus Tropical Dream - 1 plant

Add some height and a tropical feel to your borders with the new white foxtail lily. Its a great late spring to early summer flowering plant with...

Ixia Spotlight - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Spotlight blooms with a multitude of long lasting white flowers. They are half-hardy and will re-appear in mild areas given a light mulch...
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Ixia venus - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia vernus bloom with a multitude of long lasting red flowers. Ixias are native to southern Africa and are also known as Twinkle Toes or African...
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Ixia Yellow Emperor - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Yellow Emperor are native to southern Africa and blooms with a multitude of long lasting yellow flowers with bright blotches in the center of...
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Lilium asiatic Nettys Pride 10/12 - 3 flower bulbs

For an eyecatching display in borders or pots Nelly's Pride lilies are a fantastic choice. Nelly's Pride have white petals embellished with deep...
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Trumpet Daffodil Yellow - 10 flower bulbs

This golden Narcissus has very large trumpets and petals that arch slightly forward, great for re blooming they also make good cut flowers and have...
10 flower bulbs $9.95      

Tulip darwin hybrid Banja Luka - 10 flower bulbs

Big flowers in bright golden flashed with crimson red, this rare tulip will attract a lot of attention. Blooms from mid to late spring, it has a...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip darwin hybrid Golden Apeldoorn x 10

Unbeatable tulip for the mid season border, this delightful variety has egg- shaped vibrant, sulphorous yellow blooms on tall sturdy stems. Coming...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip double flowering Ice Cream - 10 flower bulbs

Majestic peony-like flower heads on strong stems, the tighly packed strawberry-pink petals, tinged with green would remind you of a vanilla ice
10 flower bulbs $19.95   $17.95       

Tulip fosteriana Purissima - 10 flower bulbs

Tulip Purissima has elegant ivory tulip with egg shaped flowers and blooms mid season on tall stems.
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Tulip greigii Rosana - 10 flower bulbs

These spring beauties have delicate pink star-like blooms tinged with deeper pink turning to crimson with yellow and black centers. Greigii tulips...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   $6.95       

Tulip lily flowering Long Lady - 10 flower bulbs

Tall and elegant tulip Long Lady blooms with large burnt orange and yellow, egg shaped flowers on tall sturdy stems. They bloom in late spring and...
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Tulip triumph Negrita - 10 flower bulbs

Negrita a wonderful and very popular Triumph tulip wth striking rich shades of deep purple. For a stunning display plant Negrita alongside...
10 flower bulbs $6.95