hot climate

Clematis: With proper care the fast-growing Clematis will grow in a hot, dry climate. Plant it by a trellis in a sheltered corner and most important is to keep the roots cool. You can do this by placing a large flat rock or piece of tile over the roots so the soil beneath does not become hot. In winter it may look dead, but it is not, as Spring weather will prove.

Lonicera: Honeysuckle (Loncera japponica) is another vine with trumpet shaped flowers that does very well in warm countries. It is a very fast grower. It can be invasive, but its fragrance is heavenly in the Spring and early Summer! Tolerates poor soil conditions, hot weather, and needs little to moderate water. It should be cut back in winter.

Wisteria: Wisteria is long-lived and produces impressive amounts of blooms in lilac, white, blue, and lavender-pink in summer. Better yet, it needs only moderate water and tolerates alkaline soil. Needs frequent pruning to train into shape, but not much fertilizer.

Grapevine: Grapes can give you some Shade and great food! Several varieties grow well in the desert, Grape plants require strategic pruning and constant soil moisture in the Spring to produce ample fruit. They are however, drought tolerant if producing an abundance of grapes is not your goal. Gravelly, fast draining soil is important.


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