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Hardiness zones

We determine your hardiness zone by the zipcode of your shipping address but you can check the map brloe for an indication. If you order before the initial deliverydate of your area, we will adjust the deliverydate of non-hardy items accordingly. This is indicated by the "released by zone" phrase on the detail page for the non-hardy products

Hardyness zone map Hardyness map legenda

Releasing by zone assures that your order arrives at the correct planting time for your area, and prevents products from freezing before planting.

Click here to access the USDA plant-hardyness page and determine your hardyness zone from your zipcode

We release all your non hardy outdoor bulbs and plants based on the following releasedates:

        Zone          Releasedate

  • zone 1   -   we do not ship to this area
  • zone 2   -   we do not ship to this area
  • zone 3   -   4/13
  • zone 4   -   4/06
  • zone 5   -   3/30
  • zone 6   -   3/23
  • zone 7   -   3/16
  • zone 8   -   3/09
  • zone 9   -   3/01
  • zone 10 -   2/15
  • zone 11 -   2/15
  • zone 12 - we do not ship to this area
  • zone 13 - we do not ship to this area 

Delivery will be approx one week after the releasedate. Once the releasedate passed we will ship your order next day, unless you indicated a later delivery date in checkout.

In spring preferably order when the weather becomes nice enough to work in the garden. Better for the plants, bulbs and the people planting them!


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