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Amaryllis - Hippeastrum

Plant Amaryllis bulbs in 13 - 17 cm planters, depending up on the bulb size. Plant them so that 2/3 of the bulb is above the soil (almost on top of the planter). Water only once a week until the bud is well above the bulb. Keep the bulb warm at room temperature. They will produce in general 2 stems with at least 4 large flowers per stem. After the flowers have faded let the stem die back naturally as this send nutrients to bulb for next year blooms. Keep on watering and let it grow as a houseplant. During autumn stop giving water and let the plant die down. 

Start the whole cycle again in December; give some fertiliser and New compost. Do not damage the roots unlike many Other bulbs they do not make New roots every season. During summer Amaryllis bulbs can be transplanted to the garden to a warm semi shady location.  

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