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January is the perfect time to start planning ahead for your spring garden. It may be cold, dark and frosty and there are some jobs that need to delayed but there is still lots of things you can do now if you have the time. Getting a head start can make life a lot easier come spring .
The good News is that tidying up the garden is great exercise to keep you fit and healthy.

The first job of the season is to recycle your Christmas tree by shredding it for mulch.
If you are tired of your garden layout now is a very good time to plan a New garden, decide what you’d like to move and, where and what you are going to plant this year.
Snow warning

If it snows make sure that you brush snow off your evergreen hedges, shrubs and conifers, as the weight can damage their branches.

Frost warning.

When the lawn is coated in frost, stay off it. If you walk on it, later you will have yellow footprints over the grass. Check stored bulbs and vegetables. Make sure that nothing has rotted or dried out.


When the ground is frozen it can be difficult for native birds to access food so now is the time when they need a helping hand, provide fresh food and water regularly during the cold winter months.

Fruit trees

Now is a very good time to prune young freestanding apple and pear trees, to encourage branching and bushiness from the main stem. Check tree stakes and ties they may need loosening, replacing, or removing. On trained forms of apple and pears tree, the side shoots that were shortened in summer can be reduced in length now to about three buds. The pruning of many deciduous trees, shrubs and hedges can be carried out from now throughout the dormant season. It is so much easier to see what you are doing when the branches are bare.Take a walk around the garden and see if anything needs staking to prevent the wind from doing any serious damage.

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