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Tulip bulbs

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Tulips are currently Out of Season

At this moment all our Tulips Flower Bulbs are growing on the fields.  New harvest will be available for ordering from July. Feel free to look around and if you use  the email button we will send you an email once stock is available.

How to Plant Tulips Flower Bulbs

The broader side is the root crown, plant them up to 8- 10 cm (3-4 Inch) deep, the smallest point should be standing upward. Break up the topsoil into finer soil (remove clumps) and replace the soil gradually over the planted tulips.

Water well. Fertilize in early spring with some organic fertilizer on top when the sprouts become visual. Deadhead, remove faded flower heads off the tulip when the petals of the flowers become spotted; break off the complete head including the stamen. This will encourage the plant to produce a bigger bulb for next year.

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