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Muscari bulbs (Blue Grapes)

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How to Plant Blue Grape Hyacinths - Muscari

The majority of miscellaneous bulbs have bulb sizes (except a few), that are not any larger than a penny and sometimes even a lot smaller. Blue Grape Hyacinths are mostly planted in the sizes 6-7 cm or 7-8 cm.

They like to be planted in sunny locations at a depth of approx. 4 -6 cm (2-3"), they can planted scattered to create a wild look. They can be planted in clumps near shrubs to create a patch of color during early spring around the barren shrubbery. Plant them in the prepared location by means of sowing freely and press them down gently.

Break up the topsoil into finer soil (remove clumps) and replace the soil gradually over the planted bulbs. Always water well after planting. Fertilize in early spring with some organic fertilizer on top when the sprouts become visual.

How to Naturalise spring flowerbulbs in your lawn

Brighten up dull looking lawns with a wonderful natural looking splash of colour which will mimic nature. How to do this: lift up the grass turf at various places and sow a mixture of Crocus, Snowdrops, Muscari and Fritillaries underneath and plant them exactly where they have landed and replacing the turf by pressing it firmly back on top of the bulbs.

If you decide to use Crocus, these generally look best in drifts, and a mixture of Varieties can create a striking effect. Keep in mind that these bulbs are to be left undisturbed for years so the initial planting should be well spaced.

Allow plants to die down after flowering before mowing over the lawn or better still plant them in areas of rough grass that aren’t regularly mown. October and November are probably the best times to plant bulbs in your lawn as they will establish themselves over the winter months.

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