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How to Plant Lily Bulbs in the Garden

Lilies are strong and hardy flower Bulbs some of the grew originally on the slopes of alpine mountains and forests. Lilies have fleshy roots and best is to keep those roots undamaged during the period they are above the ground.

They can be planted as a perennial flower bulb, they do re-appear rather easy. Plant them in sunny tot semi shady locations at a well prepared planting ares.

How to plant: Plant at a depth of 12 - 14 cm (4-5"). If you have some, mix grey ash from a wood fire through the soil, they like that. Close the planting area and cover with a mulch. Fertilize after three weeks with an organic fertilizer. Once the plants emerge start checking for the Lily beetle ( see also How to Lily Beetle). The tall growing Lilies might need some canes once the buds are developed as they can catch some wind. If you pick some flowers, leave 2/3 of the stem, so the bulb can find enough sun to grow, else the bulb will deteriorate.

Let the pant completely fade away, once the stem is brown and dried up take them away and let the lilies rest. Start to fertilize again in early spring and the cycle will start all over again.

How to Plant Lily Flower bulbs in planters

Use a large planter, preferably a pot of approx 8" wide. larger is even better. Put some pebbles at the bottom to ensure good drainage. Plant the lily bulbs halfway down the pot in a Soil mix of loam + coarse sand + compost. Fill up with the Soil mix and press down firmly, add some organic fertilizer on top of the Soil and water well.

Place the planter on a sunny to semi shady location in your garden. Fertilize with organic fertilizer as soon as the shoots appear, you may need to stake them to give some wind protection. Keep a close eye out for the red lily Beetle as they can completely devour plants in a matter of days, remove them by hand, fortunately they are easy to catch, their grubs hatch underneath the leaves and eat the leaves of the plant.

After flowering you can plant the complete rootball in the border on a sunny to semi shady location, take care that the planting hole is big enough to take the rootball. They will re-appear as border Lilies next season.

For pot planting use the Asiatic Lily varieties and some of the Oriental Varieties such Mr. Sam and Muscadet.

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