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Dahlia Stars Favourite

Dahlia Stars Favourite

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Dahlia Stars Favourite - 1 tuber

Dahlia Stars Favourite - 1 tuber B10015 - Dahlia Stars Favourite

  • Delivered as tubers
  • Tuber size ii
  • Shipped from 03/05 - 06/27
<ul class='productinfolist'><li>Delivered as <a rel='nofollow' href='\tubers' >Tubers</a></li><li>Tuber size II</li><li>Available from 02/15 - 06/27</li><li>Released by <a rel='nofollow' href='' >zone</a></li></u Out of stock


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Dahlia Stars Favourite


Details Dahlia Stars Favourite

  • Cutflowers
  • Blooms: June - October
  • Flower colour: pink
  • Leaf color: Purple
  • Full grown height: 3'- 4'
  • Full grown width: 10 - 20''
  • Plant depth: 5''
  • Plant spacing: 1' 4''
  • Hardiness: Not hardy
  • Well drained
  • Suitable for: Zone 7 - Zone 9

How to take care of Dahlia Stars Favourite

After spring frost have disappeared soak your Dahlia Star's Favourite tubers in a bucket of tepid water overnight to re-hydrate them before planting out in well-drained garden soil. Position the Dahlia Star's Favourite tubers in a sheltered location or stake them for support as they grow so that the wind won't break their long stems.

Refrain from watering at planting time as spring provides sufficient rain; they are susceptible to rot from over watering. Water twice weekly in summer. Dahlia Star's Favourite tubers bloom late summer and last until first frost.

Lift Dahlia Star's Favourite tubers before winter sets in. Dig them out carefully with a fork, shake off excess soil and let them dry out completely. Then place them in a well-ventilated frost-free room for winter.

Do not pile them on top of each other as they can rot. Replant the following spring after frost.

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Customer reviews

Belle B.

Customer service very good when I contacted them and the plant was sturdy and healthy. I would order again from this company


Diana K.

 Plants arrived in good condition, appears handled with care from supplier and by delivery company. Very satisfied with service and goods.



Excellent delivery, lovely healthy plants and very well packed. Exactly as ordered, thank you for great service and plants..


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