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Calla Lily (Zantedeschia)

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How to Grow Zantedeschias in pots

Fill your pot with a minimum of 7" wide for 2/3 full of well drained planting Soil (mix 2/3 planting compost with 1/3 of sand for good drainage), and place the rhizome, with the pointed growing tip facing up, on top of the mix. Cover the rhizome with the remaining Soil. Water well after planting and keep the Soil evenly moist.

Potted Calla lilies or Zantedeschia should be placed in a warm sunny location indoors. Once the shoots have materialized, they may be placed outside on a sunny to semi shady location. Feed with a weak solution of liquid fertiliser every 3-4 weeks while they are showing signs of New growth. Remove flowers when they begin to fade. When the plant has finished blooming, allow the foliage to mature and gradually reduce watering until the leaves have died back.

Bring the container indoors in autumn and allow the rhizomes to rest for until April in the dry pot. Withhold watering completely until you want to start growth again in spring. If planted outside, they need a sunny, sheltered and moist location. Plant outside once the temperatures and Soil have warmed up in the spring, they are frost tender, so dig up in the autumn-fall.

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