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Amaryllis (hippeastrum)

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How to Care for Hippeastrum - Amaryllis

A good Hippeastrum, formerly known as Amaryllis, comes with fleshy roots, they do not loose their roots like ordinary Flower bulbs, they use the roots to create New white roots during the sprouting period after planting . So be careful not to damage the roots present underneath the bulb. We provide well rooted bulbs only!

Plant Hippeastrum - Amaryllis in the right plant pot, for example an 26 - 28 cm circumference bulb is planted best in a planter of 17 cm wide, a bulb of 24-26 cm in a 13 -15 cm planter. Plant the bulb such that 2/3 of the bulb is in the pot and 1/3 above. Use normal potting compost or coconut fibre as supplied with our sets and mix this with 1/3 of coarse sand for drainage ( the roots dislike being water logged in the pot ). Water well and place the planter at a warm location in normal daylight. Do not water again until the flower bud is well above the neck of the bulb. From that moment on you can give water at regular intervals.

If you like to keep the bulb after the flowers are gone, do as follows: Leave the stem on but remove any Seed pods, fertilise the bulb regularly with a soluble fertilizer. Treat it as a normal house plant and keep it in full daylight. From mid May onwards you can transplant the rootball to an outside, sunny-semi shady location in a planting hole filled up with potting compost. Around end of October , take the bulb out, clean it but be careful with the roots , they should stay intact. Store the bulb for 8 weeks at a cool and dry place. from end of December onwards you can re start the cycle as described above.<.p>

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