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Narcissus Kokopelli 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus Kokopelli 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

A sure winner and a highly sought after Narcissus. Jonquilla Kokopelli produces clusters of perfect fragrant small, rounded, bright greenish-yellow... $9.95

Narcissi Split Crown Orangery - 10 flower bulbs

A real spectacular flower, very different !
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissi Split Crown Tripartite - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissi Tripartite is highly fragrant variety with up to three flowers on each stem, it is a deep golden color with a split corona, the corona...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissi Stint - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissi Stint has multiple flowerheads in a combination of lemon green. Highly fragrant and ideal for a naturalizing group in your border as they...
10 flower bulbs $14.95   

Narcissus Ara 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus cyclamineus 'Ara' produces long lemon-yellow trumpets that stand out from their snow-white overlapping petals. Cyclamineus daffodils...
10 flower bulbs $14.95   

Narcissus Altun Ha 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus Altun Ha is a beautifully formed large cupped daffodil with a unique feature; the cup gets whiter as it gets older. It starts out a...
10 flower bulbs $16.95   

Narcissus Bell Song - 10 flower bulbs

Bell song is very easy to grow variety. The bear beautiful flowers in ivory with light pink centres and a delicate fragrance. Suitable for ...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Bella Vista - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus Bella Vista is a wonderful large-cupped daffodil with a very colorful, eye-catching flower. The flower faces outward rather than hanging...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus Big Gun - 10 flower bulbs

This large-cupped narcissus Big Gun is exquisitely shaped and will be a real show winner in your garden. The soft white petals are surrounded by an...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Bravour - 10 flower bulbs

Each flower borne on a single stem has white perfectly formed petals and a long, trumpet-shaped, deep yellow cup which fades to a pale yellow. It...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Bulbocodium Yellow Hoop x 20

Narcissus bulbocodium "Yellow Hoop" is a fine botanical narcissi for pots, border and rock gardens. The Petty Coat alike flowers
20 flower bulbs $8.95   

Narcissus cyclamineus Cotinga - 10 flower bulbs

This variety blooms with plenty flowers and is midly fragrant. It is hardy and will re bloom for seasons to come.
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus cyclamineus Jetfire - 10 flower bulbs

Striking daffodil with deep golden petals and a fiery orange trumpet that looks similar to a rocket flame. Strong variety that will rebloom over...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Narcissus cyclamineus Tête à Tête x 10

Tête à Tête is without doubt the sweetest little trumpet daffodil of them all, great for the border but also ideal for planters in and outdoors.......
10 flower bulbs $4.95   

Narcissus double flowering Campernella x 10

Narcissus double flowering Campernelle is one of the worlds most fragrant mini daffodils, it's pretty blooms are a bright deep golden colour and it...
10 flower bulbs $5.95   

Narcissus double flowering Delnashaugh x 10

Be the first on your street to grow this highly unusual daffodil, it has large rounded creamy white petals surrounding a cluster of peach-pink...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus double flowering Manly - 10 flower bulbs

One of the very tall Daffodils, the lovely ivory white flower is laced with soft orange inner petals
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus double flowering Tahiti x 10

Tahiti produces stunning large double flowers in a spectacular color combination of deep golden with ruffled, tangerine-orange corona segments in the center.
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus double Rip van Winkle - 10 flower bulbs

This delightful daffodil with it's spider-like double flowerheads is one of the first to bloom in spring.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Narcissus Flower Drift - 10 flower bulbs

This highly unusual Narcissus is a double flowering fragrant variety with creamy-white petals and ruffled vibrant orange-red centers. This double...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus Full House 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Jazz up your fresh cut flower bouquets by adding a few of these long-lasting spectacular beauties! Narcissus ‘Full House’ grows on tall stems...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus Girlpower 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

In spring, Narcissus Girlpower produces large highly fragrant flowers, it has pure white petals and its large split-crown is exploded in a pretty...
10 flower bulbs $14.95   

Narcissus Golden Echo 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

This striking long-lasting Jonquilla daffodil bears many fragrant blooms on each stem with a wonderful unusual contrast, its long bright golden...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Jonquilla mix - 10 flower bulbs

A lovely mixture of 4 different Jonquilla Daffodils in a nursery selection to brighten up you borders this spring. These varieties are all very...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus jonquille Quaile - 10 flower bulbs

Quaile blooms deep golden and is highly fragrant. Great for low care gardening !
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Narcissus Kisproof 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Large cupped Kiss Proof produces one flower per stem and has lightly-perfumed creamy white trumpet-shaped blooms with striking burnt orange...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Kokopelli 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

A sure winner and a highly sought after Narcissus. Jonquilla Kokopelli produces clusters of perfect fragrant small, rounded, bright greenish-yellow...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus Lancaster 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

The showy blooms of this small-cupped Narcissus 'Lancaster' are very attractive and unique, starting with green at the base of the cup, yellow in...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus large cupped Ice Follies x 10

Narcissus Ice Follies is a great large cupped daffodil with a unique feature; it changes colour from ivory and peach to almost perfect 
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus large cupped Pinza - 10 flower bulbs

Delightful daffodil with golden petals and a fiery red rim along an rich orange cup. This colour combination is so remarkable that the
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Narcissus Ma Belle 14/16 - 10 flower bulbs

Exclusive Narcissus ‘Ma Belle’ produces perfectly formed large creamy white flowers with long bright golden trumpets on single stems. Trumpet......
10 flower bulbs $14.95   

Narcissus Petrel 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus Petrel triandrus has fragrant, creamy-white flowers, ideal for your border and rock garden. They will bloom year after year gracing your...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Pink Silk 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus trumpet ‘Pink Silk’ is an exquisite variety producing elegant blossoms that have pure white petals with a funnel-shaped salmon-pink......
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Pretty in Yellow 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus “Pretty in Yellow produces double pretty primrose yellow blossoms (hence the name) later in the season. This spilt crown variety is...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus small cupped Polar Ice - 10 flower bulbs

A great daffodil for naturalising in the border where it will come back year after year in larger quantities
10 flower bulbs $19.95   

Narcissus Snow Ball 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

This superb Narcissus Snowball produces magnificent double pure white fragrant flowers. This double effect makes a very interesting flower that...
10 flower bulbs $17.95   

Narcissus tazetta Bridal Crown - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus tazetta Bridal Crown is a lovely multi headed double flowering narcissi with great values. They are highly fragrant, they bloom well in bor
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Narcissus tazetta Golden Dawn - 10 flower bulbs

One of the most delightfully fragrant varieties available. Can be forced to bloom indoors with ease or simply planted outdoors and left to
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus Tazetta Paperwhites - 10 flower bulbs

Brighten up those dull winter days with Paperwhite narcissus, one of the easiest bulbs to force for cut flowers or ornamental displays in your...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus triandus Thalia - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus Thalia triandus with their pure white blossoms and heavenley scent are ideal for your border and rock garden. They will rebloom
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Narcissus Tricollet 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus 'Tricollet' is a mid to late season bloomer with white petals and a bright yellow to orange cup split into three segments. This spilt...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Warbler 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

The swept-back petals of this Narcissus cyclamineus Warbler are deep yellow and tinged green at the base and the frilled trumpet is a deeper yellow...
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Narcissus Wave 12/14 - 10 flower bulbs

Narcissus ‘Wave’ flowers are very striking and quite unique. It has white, slightly reflexed, outer petals with trumpets filled with frilly waves......
10 flower bulbs $12.95   

Oxalis + Heart - 1 set

Give a little love to someone special with this lovely heart shaped planter complete with 5 bulbs and compost.These hardy perennials, known as...

Oxalis Iron Cross x 5 + Wheelbarrow White - 1 set

Adorable little wheelbarrow ( length 12") complete with compost and 5 lucky clover bulbs. The foliage has a dark purple band which forms a cross on...

Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis x 10

A non commonly offered plant for indoor and outdoor planters. Blooms with soft pink flowers and deep burgundy red foliage. Unique plants and very...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Poets Daffodil Actaea - 10 flower bulbs

Poeticus Daffodils are one of the earliest cultivaled varieties, they are noted for their spectacular beauty.
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Puschkinia libanotica Lebanon Squill x 20

These delightful sweet little pale blue flowers are ideal for planting rock gardens, borders and if undisturbed they will naturalise in lawns....
20 flower bulbs $3.75   

Ranunculus asiaticus Mix - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, giant Ranunculus bulbs produce vibrantly coloured flowers, from the marsh marigold family and bright, tightly...
20 flower bulbs $3.75   

Ranunculus asiaticus orange - 20 flower bulbs

Vibrant orange Ranunculus have fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem produces one to several flowers.
20 flower bulbs $3.95   

Ranunculus asiaticus red - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, these bulbs will produce the deepest red fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem...
20 flower bulbs $3.95