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Crocus chrysanthus Prins Claus x 20

Crocus chrysanthus Prins Claus x 20

A very unique colored multi flowering crocus, each petal is white with a very distinctive deep purple marking on the interior $6.95

Gladiolus nanus Mirella - 10 flower bulbs

Create a sensational display in your garden with Gladiolus nanus Mirella, its vivid red blooms are also excellent for using in fresh flower...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Gladiolus nanus Nymph - 10 flower bulbs

These gorgeous dwarf gladioli will bring a touch of class to your borders this summer. They also make exceptional cut flowers.
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Gladiolus nanus Prins Claus - 10 flower bulbs

Gladiolus nanus Prins Claus will add a touch of drama to your perennial border. They also make exceptional cut flowers. Prins Claus is pure white...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Gladiolus nanus Robinetta - 10 flower bulbs

This striking dwarf Gladioli produces spikes of pinkish-red flowers with white accents on strap-like foliage and short stems. Robinetta provides...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Hyacinth blue with victorian glass - 1 set

Unchanged since Victorian times and still the best most fun to grow hyacinths without soil. Unbeatable for adding colour and fragrance to your home...
From $8.95      

Hyacinth Carnegie - 5 flower bulbs

Make your borders come alive this spring with our intensely sweet perfumed Hyacinths, the flowers are conical in shape & made up of clusters of small...
5 flower bulbs $7.95      

Hyacinth Delft Blue - 5 flower bulbs

Great hyacinth with a lovely, very strong scent. Delft Blue blooms with deep blue flowers and is known to be one of the most fragrant hyacinths...
5 flower bulbs $6.95      

Hyacinth Fantasy Mix - 15 flower bulbs

This lovely nursery mix of four different colours can be planted in borders or tub planters for a lovely display on your terrace.
15 flower bulbs $14.95      

Hyacinth Jan Bos - 5 flower bulbs

Jan Bos is almost an Heirloom variety, it has been grown for over 50 years, yet it is still a great Hyacinth for the border
5 flower bulbs $7.95      

Hyacinth Pink Pearl - 5 flower bulbs

Intensely sweet perfumed Hyacinths
5 flower bulbs $7.95      

Hyacinth Yellow 14/15 - 5 flower bulbs

Make your borders come alive this spring with our intensely sweet perfumed Hyacinths.
5 flower bulbs $7.95      

Hyacinthoides hispanica - 20 flower bulbs

Woodland Hyacinths or Blue Bells are a delight
20 flower bulbs $7.95      

Ipheion Rolf Fiedler Twinkling Blue Sta x 20

This non demanding plant will spread creating a whole carpet of fragrant, pretty star shaped flowers.
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Iris hollandica Autumn Princess - 10 flower bulbs

Iris hollandica 'Autumn Princess' is a majestic variety with rich exotic looking blooms, it's glowing flowers are a stunning combination of...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Iris Hollandica Lion King - 10 flower bulbs

The Lion King Iris is a completely new variety prized for itís large elegant flowers in an exquisite combination of bronze and golden, it is...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Iris hollandica Mahogany Mix - 10 flower bulbs

This unique mixture of Dutch Irises produces beautiful blooms in warm tones of golden, bronze, copper and mahogony. Multiplying each
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Iris hollandica mix - 10 flower bulbs

This lovely unique late spring flower will add vibrant color to your garden when it's needed most. Midly Fragrant Dutch Iris in a rainbow mixture...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Iris hollandica Mount Everest - 10 flower bulbs

An elegant addition to your borders or planters this stunning Iris will make you the envy of all your gardening friends. Itís flowers are a...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Iris hollandica Pioneer - 10 flower bulbs

This new unique Iris Pioneer has gorgeous exotic looking violet-purple petals with sunny yellow throats. They also make fabulous cut flowers.
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Iris hollandica Tigers Eye - 10 flower bulbs

These deer and rabbit resistant bulbs are best planted in clumps to achieve that striking effect. Rich and delicate beautiful hardy irises with...
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ixia Giant - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Giant are Native to southern Africa and blooms with a multitude of long lasting white flowers with blotches in the center of each bloom.
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ixia hybrid mix Twinkle Toes - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia or Twinlkle Toes are native to South Africa
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ixia Mabel - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Mabel are native to southern Africa and blooms with a multitude of long lasting purple flowers. Ixias are also known as Twinkle Toes...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ixia Spotlight - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Spotlight blooms with a multitude of long lasting white flowers. They are half-hardy and will re-appear in mild areas given a light mulch...
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Ixia venus - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia vernus bloom with a multitude of long lasting red flowers. Ixias are native to southern Africa and are also known as Twinkle Toes or African...
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Ixia Yellow Emperor - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Yellow Emperor are native to southern Africa and blooms with a multitude of long lasting yellow flowers with bright blotches in the center of...
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Liatris spicata purple - 20 flower bulbs

The extraordinary upside-down flowering plant. Liatris spicata also known as Shooting StarsLong spikes in white or purple, bottlebrush like flowers...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Lilium asiatic Golden Stone - 3 flower bulbs

Golden Stone is a great variety for adding vibrant colour to your borders and planters.
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Lilium asiatic Mix Ace of Spades - 3 flower bulbs

Fill your home with exquisite flowers picked from your very own garden! These long lasting Asiatic
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Lilium asiatic Nettys Pride 10/12 - 3 flower bulbs

For an eyecatching display in borders or pots Nelly's Pride lilies are a fantastic choice. Nelly's Pride have white petals embellished with deep...
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Lilium asiatic Rosellas Dream - 3 flower bulbs

Create an everlasting impression in your garden this summer with this exquisite lily in ivory white brushed with deep pink edges and a light...
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Lilium asiatic Sweet Lord - 3 flower bulbs

These very popular lilies will jazz up your garden with huge vibrant red flowers. Sweet Lord Asiatic lilies are among the easiest to grow and will...
3 flower bulbs $7.95      

Lilium Lancifolium Splendens Tiger Lily x 3

The petals of this 'Turks-cap' lily are bright orange, spotted with purple and arch gracefully back adding interesting shapes as well as vibrant...
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Lilium oriental Josephine - 3 flower bulbs

Oriental Lily 'Josephine' is a sweet scented deep pink Oriental Lilies with a golden stripe reaching out from the centre of the flower.
3 flower bulbs $8.95      

Lilium oriental Mix - 3 flower bulbs

This popular Oriental Lily mixture bears attractive blooms in shades of pink, red and white from July onwards. They are sweetly scented and are...
3 flower bulbs $5.95      

Lilium oriental Muscadet - 3 flower bulbs

Muscadet oriental lilies are one of the most strikingly beautiful lilies around, their huge blooms are brilliant white with soft pink spots.
3 flower bulbs $7.95      

Lilium oriental Pimento - 3 flower bulbs

Make a statement in your garden this summer with this beautiful and popular Oriental lily 'Pimento'. It's exotic looking, sweet perfumed blooms...
3 flower bulbs $7.95      

Lilium oriental Stargazer - 3 flower bulbs

Not only are they exceptionally beautiful, but they are also very fragrant and robust withstanding conditions that most other lilies can't.
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Lily Flowering Tulip Mix - 10 flower bulbs

A very decorative border tulip with elegant lily-like flowers. Rarely seen in the garden, the petals arch back, giving this tulip its unique shape.
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Michaels Fritillaria Uva Vulpis - 10 flower bulbs

Michael's Fritillaria Uva vulpis has graceful nodding flowers in a dramatic two-tone combination of purple-red tipped with deep golden. They...
10 flower bulbs $7.95      

Muscari armeniacum Valerie Finnis x 20

These lovely Grape Hyacinth produce delicate flowers heads of an unusual sky blue colour with a silvery sheen.
20 flower bulbs $6.95      

Muscari Armeniacum x 20

This great variety of Muscari has giant flower heads, twice the normal size and bears lovely deep blue double blooms
20  $4.95      

Muscari azureum - 10 flower bulbs

Muscari ambrosiacum blooms with tightly clustered bright sky blue bell-shaped flowers on 4-6 " tall stems will adorn your borders or rockeries in...
10 flower bulbs $5.95      

Muscari Lollipop Collection - 60 flower bulbs

20 of each variety Purple Lollipops - Silver Blue Lollipops and Azur Blue Lollipops.
60 flower bulbs $9.95      

Muscari macrocarpum Golden Fragrance x 10

RARE: Golden Grape Hyacinths produces spikes of wonderfully musky scented bright golden flowers fading to purple. They are completely hardy and...
10 flower bulbs $14.95      

Muscari Plumosum Feather Hyacinth x 10

Muscari plumosum is a very large flowering member of the Blue Grape Family. They flower with large plumed flowers like a bunch of Ostrich Feathers...
10 flower bulbs $5.95      

Oxalis + Heart - 1 set

Give a little love to someone special with this lovely heart shaped planter complete with 5 bulbs and compost.These hardy perennials, known as...

Oxalis adenophylla - 10 flower bulbs

Oxalis adenophylla also known as Silver Shamrock is one of the loveliest spring flowering ground covering plants. They bloom with sparkling bright...
10 flower bulbs $6.95      

Oxalis Iron Cross - 20 flower bulbs

Oxalis Iron Cross produces four leaf clover foliage and smashing pink flowers. But it's not just the good luck
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Oxalis Iron Cross x 5 + Wheelbarrow White - 1 set

Adorable little wheelbarrow ( length 12") complete with compost and 5 lucky clover bulbs. The foliage has a dark purple band which forms a cross on...