More beautiful perennials to add to your collection

Kniphofia uvaria - 1 plant

Kniphofia uvaria - 1 plant

Kniphofias are majestic plants for the border where they create a focal point due to their immaculate flowers and vivid orange colour. $4.95

Achillea millefolium Collection - 9 plants

Achillea millefolium or Yarrow is a very strong, colorful herbaceous perennial plant, producing masses of dazzling flower heads irresistible to...
9 plants $12.95   

Achillea millefolium Pink x 3

Achillea millefolium or Yarrow is a very strong, colourful herbaceous perennial plant producing masses of pink dazzling flower heads...
3  $7.95   

Achillea millefolium red - 3 plants

Achillea millefolium or Yarrow is a very strong, colourful herbaceous perennial plant producing masses of red/orange dazzling flower heads...
3 plants $7.95   

Achillea millefolium Yellow - 3 plants

Achillea millefolium or Yarrow is a very strong, colourful herbaceous perennial plant producing masses of dazzling golden flower heads irresistible...
3 plants $7.95   

Aconitum carmichaelii arendsii x 3

Aconitum carmichaelii arendsii is an old-fashioned hardy border plant and great for planting under shrubs. It has a very special relationship with...
3  $6.95   

Agapanthus Blue African Lily - 1 plant

Producing beautiful funnel-shaped flowers for weeks on end. They are quite drought resistant once established, thriving on

Agapanthus combo Blue/White - 2 plants

Agapanthus is clump-forming perennial. An excellent exotic looking plant for big patio planters and also look great when planted with low growing...
2 plants $9.95   

Agapanthus White Swan - 1 plant

Native to South Africa the name agapanthus is derived from the words Greek 'agape' meaning love, and 'anthos' meaning flower. Agapanthus White Swan...

Aruncus dioicus Goatsbeard - 1 plant

Aruncus dioicus also known as Goat’s beard is a highly ornamental plant with large feather-like flowers for a semi shady to shady garden.

Asclepia tuberosa x 3

Asclepia tuberose is also known as Silkweed or as Butterfly weed, it likes a sunny border and blooms with spectacular flowers heads laced with...
3  $7.95   

Aster dumosus Apollo - 3 plants

Also known as Michaelmas Daisies, these old favourites bloom from late summer into fall with a multitude of elegant white, long lasting, daisy-like...
3 plants $6.95   

Aster dumosus Woods Blue - 3 plants

The name Aster comes from the Greek word for star also known as Michaelmas Daisies These old favorites bloom from late summer into fall with a...
3 plants $7.95   

Astrantia major Alba - 1 plant

A favourite amongst florists, Astrantia blooms with striking papery, pincushion-like flowers perfect for both fresh and dried flower arrangements.

Astrantia major Buckland - 1 plant

Astrantia major 'Buckland' or pink Masterwort blooms mid summer with striking dusty pink papery


Astrantia major Moulin Rouge - 1 plant

Try this new variety of Astrantia major 'Moulin Rouge', also known as red Masterwort blooms mid summer


Brunnera macrophylla - 1 plant

Brunnera macrophylla is a unique and very useful perennial it produces highly decorative heart shaped, dense foliage in spring, ideal for ground...

Brunnera macrophylla Variegata - 1 plant

Brunnera macrophylla 'Variegata' produces highly decorative heart shaped, variegated foliage in spring followed by sky blue forget-me-not like flowers.

Campanula punctata Hot Lips - 1 plant

Campanula Hot lips will be smothered in tubular bell-shaped, pale purple flowers with dark purple speckles on the inside all summer long. It's foliage is dark green. Perfect for borders, pots and rockery gardens.

Convallaria majalis White - 5 plants

Also known as Lily of the Valley these very sweetly perfumed, May flowering bell-shaped blooms make perfect cut flowers. Lily of the Valley will...
5 plants $5.95   

Delphinium hybrid Pacific Giants pink x 3

Also known as 'larkspur' it's a fine plant for the early summer border , the soft pink tones mellow in with the fresh green colours during the...
3  $7.95   

Delphinium Pacific Giants blue x 3

Tall spikes loaded with bright colorful flowers
3  $7.95   

Echinacea White Swan x 3

Strong perennial plant with majestic flowers, this plant produces a very distinct cone which will last well into the winter,.
3  $7.95   

Echinops ritro Veitchs Blue - 1 plant

Commonly known as the 'Globe Thistle'

Euphorbia polychroma Sonnegold - 1 plant

A real garden gem, blooms with bright golden heads aranged in crowns on top of compact stems

Geranium Dusky Crug - 3 plants

Geranium Dusky Crug has highly attractive purple-bronze, velvety foliage and contrasting pretty pink flowers. It is low growing and will do well in...
3 plants $14.95   

Geranium himalayense blue - 3 plants

Great for ground cover the dense growth suppresses even the most determined weeds and provides shelter on the ground for birds such as young black...
3 plants $8.95   

Geum flora pleno Blazing Sunset - 1 plant

Bright and cheerful Geum Blazing Sunset produces eye-catching scarlet flowers on fuzzy green foliage. One of the largest flowering Geum varieties.

Geum flore plena Sunrise - 1 plant

Geum Double Sunrise is a robust perennial suitable for borders, rock gardens and planters. It produces masses of double yellow flowers from June to August and grows 20" tall.

Gypsophila paniculata White x 3

Gypsophila produces large dense clouds of dainty white flowers with pink veins on tall erect branches. Perfect for in fresh or dried flower...
3  $5.95   

Heuchera Coral Bells Mix - 3 plants

Heuchera Coral Plants in 3 different varieties
3 plants $8.95   

Heuchera Purple Palace x 3

Purple palace has beautiful deep purple to bronze colored maple shaped foliage and it blooms with delicate whitish pink bell flowers on red stems...
3  $8.95   

Heuchera Ring of Fire x 3

Famed more for it's foliage than flowers Ring of Fire has very attractive mottled silver-green foliage with dark purple veins, in fall the leaf margins turn red like a burning ring of fire. In summer it produces dainty pink flowers. Heuchera's like a
3  $14.95   

Heuchera Saturn x 3

This beautiful Heuchera in part of a Dutch collection of Heuchera's named after planets. Saturn is prized for it's greyish-white foliage with dark veins and creamy white flowers in summer.
3  $14.95   

Kniphofia Bengal Fire - 1 plant

Kniphofia Bengal Fire produces densely packed spikes of coral-red tubular flowers on tall strong stems. Not completely hardy Kniphofia needs a...

Kniphofia Candy Apple - 1 plant

Kniphofia Candy Apple will light up your border with it's curious flower spikes in glowing shades orange. Not completely hardy Kniphofia needs a protective layer of mulch in winter.

Kniphofia Flaming Torch - 1 plant

Kniphofias are also known as torch lilies, this beautiful variety is sure to light up your border with it's curious flower spikes in glowing shades of flaming orange and yellow. Not completely hardy Kniphofia needs a protective layer of mulch in wi

Kniphofia uvaria - 1 plant

Kniphofias are majestic plants for the border where they create a focal point due to their immaculate flowers and vivid orange colour.

Liatris spicata purple - 20 flower bulbs

The extraordinary upside-down flowering plant.
20 flower bulbs $4.95   

Lysimachia punctata - 1 plant

More commonly known as Yellow Loosestrife

Monarda punctata Fantasy x 3

Monarda Fantasy produces showy pink and pale yellow flowers with pinkish purple bracts. Attractive to bees, butterflies and birds this plant is perfect for using in fresh and dried flower arrangements.

3  $9.95   

Papaver orientale Pinnacle - 1 plant

'Pinnacle Salmon Pink' is renowned for its immaculate color and tissue-paper-like flowers on long, hairy stalks, this herbaceous perennial poppy is an absolute eye-catcher.

Papaver orientale Turkish Delight - 1 plant

This poppy has huge paper-thin flowers and is an absolute eye-catcher. It is often considered the best oriental poppy, easy to grow and easy to maintain

Platycodon grandiflorus Astra Blue x 3

Large vivid violet blue double flowers from this bushy border plant. The development of the buds into flowers is fascinating to watch,
3  $6.95   

Platycodon grandiflorus Astra Pink x 3

Striking pink veined bell shaped flowers that grow in attractive bushy plants.
3  $6.95   

Rudbeckia hirta Chim Chiminee x 3

Rudbeckia hirta Chim Chiminee produces masses of unusual flowers in sunny shades of gold, yellow and bronze from July until first frosts. The long lasting flower resemble chimney brushes, they make great cut flowers.
3  $9.95   

Rudbeckia occidentalis Green Wizard x 3

Rudbeckia occidentalis Green Wizard is a very interesting looking Rudbeckia with prominent black cones surrounded by short green bracts. A great long lasting variety for flower arranging.
3  $9.95   

Salvia bulleyana Blue Lips - 1 plant

Be the first in your neighbourhood to grow this new variety of Salvia, it's unusual flowers are a wonderful combination of pale yellow with deep blue lip-like tips on top of soft green hairy


Saponaria ocymoides Soapwort x 3

Saponaria is a very rewarding ground covering plant, blooms abundantly during April-May with bright pink flowers grouped together in thick clusters
3  $5.95   

Sedum combo Brilliant/Matrona - 6 plants

A great Sedum combo of 2 different coloured sedums to bring colour and depth to you borders or rock
6 plants $17.95   

Sedum spectabile Brilliant x 3

Sedum spectabile Brilliant blooms with clusters of vivid red broccoli-like flowers on grey green fleshy stems
3  $8.95   

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