Peony Celebrity - 1 plant


Celebrity blooms with large fuchsia pink and white ruffled flowers, heavenly scented the large flowers have layer upon layer of petals creating an awsome display of beauty in your May - June border increasing in beauty year after year. They make excellent cut flowers. In warm climates its a challenge for gardeners to provide Peonies with adequate winter chilling to re-bloom successfully in the spring.
  • Can be used as cutflowers
  • Delivered as Bare Roots
  • Full grown height 3 - 5'
  • Full Grown Width 10 - 20''
  • Bestseller

Offer Comprises:
  • 1 Peony Celebrity

Shipped from 09-15-2015 thru 12-28-2015
Priority Airmail Delivery direct from Holland
Available: 100+
A03465  Peony Celebrity  $12.95

Delivered as
bare roots
Flower Colour
Flower Colour pink
Blooming Period
Blooming Period May
Plant in a
Plant in a partial sunny location
Plant Spacing
Plant Spacing 2'

Hardy thru 5 Fahrenheit

Well drained soil
Suitable for
Suitable for Zone 3 - Zone 8

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