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Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix - 50 flower bulbs

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix - 50 flower bulbs

Darwin tulips are known to be the most weather resistant of all the garden tulips. They are also among the largest blooming and most highly valued... $16.95
  $21.95Save $5.00

Allium moly - 20 flower bulbs

Allium moly produces large glossy golden star-like flowers in early summer. Each stem carries up to 40 flowers in clusters. The flowers are very...
20 flower bulbs $4.95   $3.95       

Anemone blanda blue + Basket - 1 set

This pretty Anemone blanda basket set can be forced to bloom indoors from early spring
$12.95   $9.95       

Anemone blanda Blue Shades - 20 flower bulbs

Anemone blanda is a fabulous spring flowering plant with brightly coloured flowers resembling daisies radiating into the sunshine. Their effect is...
20 flower bulbs $4.95   $3.75       

Blue and White Spring Garden - 60 flower bulbs

This blue and white garden has been specially chosen for their superior qualities of hardiness. Anemone blanda 'Blue Shade' is a fabulous spring...
60 flower bulbs $9.95   $7.95       

Gladioli nanus mix - 10 flower bulbs

These superb hardy gladioli nanus mix are valued for their flowers in warm summery hues with pleasant markings on the lower petals. 
10 flower bulbs $4.95      

Gladiolus nanus Elvira - 10 flower bulbs

Gladiolus nanus Elvira blooms are soft ivory white blushed with a delicate veil of pink and enhanced by an deep pink blotch. Nanus Gladioli are
10 flower bulbs $4.95   $3.75       

Iris germanica collection - 6 plants

A great combination of 6 different Iris germanica. You won't find these cheaper anywhere else!
6 plants $14.95      

Ixia Mabel - 20 flower bulbs

Ixia Mabel are native to southern Africa and blooms with a multitude of long lasting purple flowers. Ixias are also known as Twinkle Toes...
20 flower bulbs $4.95   $3.75       

Lily Flowering Tulip Mix - 10 flower bulbs

A very decorative border tulip with elegant lily-like flowers. Rarely seen in the garden, the petals arch back, giving this tulip its unique shape.
10 flower bulbs $7.95   $5.95       

Puppys Boot with Anemone Blanda Blue - 1 set

Lovely full resin planter set, decorated with a puppy. A great gift, comes as a ready to grow kit, Just plant them and have the pleasure of...
$15.95   $11.95       

Ranunculus asiaticus red - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, these bulbs will produce the deepest red fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem...
20 flower bulbs $4.95   $3.75       

Tulip Collection 4 x 10

This fine collection consists of some of the most unusual, eyecatching tulips around flowering in April and May.
From $24.95   $22.95       

Tulip darwin hybrid Banja Luka - 10 flower bulbs

Big flowers in bright golden flashed with crimson red, this rare tulip will attract a lot of attention. Blooms from mid to late spring, it has a...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   $5.95       

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix - 50 flower bulbs

Darwin tulips are known to be the most weather resistant of all the garden tulips. They are also among the largest blooming and most highly valued...
50 flower bulbs $21.95   $16.95       

Tulip fosteriana Concerto - 10 flower bulbs

Concerto blooms with elegant creamy white flowers on grey-green foliage with a striking black base.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   $5.95       

Tulip fosteriana Purissima - 10 flower bulbs

Tulip Purissima has elegant ivory tulip with egg shaped flowers and blooms mid season on tall stems.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   $5.95       

Tulip Johann Strauss - 20 flower bulbs

This dwarf variety produces beautiful golden yellow flowers fading to primrose at the edges and flushed with red early in the season. The foliage on...
20 flower bulbs $12.95   $9.95       

Tulip kaufmanniana Ancilla - 10 flower bulbs

These little beauties are bright red on the outside opening up to reveal white insides with red and yellow centres. Also known as Water Lily tulips...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   $5.95       

Tulip Kaufmanniana Hybrid Goldstick x 10

Tulip Goldstick is one of the most popular Kaufmanniana tulips there are, with it's bold, bright yellow flowers splashed with deep red, the flowers...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   $6.95       

Tulip Lily Flowering Ballade - 10 flower bulbs

For a charming effect in your sunny spring garden Lily flowering Ballade tulips are unbeatable they have striking magenta flowers edged with white.
10 flower bulbs $8.95   $6.95       

Tulip lily flowering Long Lady - 10 flower bulbs

Tall and elegant tulip Long Lady blooms with large burnt orange and yellow, egg shaped flowers on tall sturdy stems. They bloom in late spring and...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   $5.95       

Tulip parrot Estella Rynveld - 10 flower bulbs

These highly unusual showy parrot tulips have feathery white petals with crimson flames. They grow to a height of 20-25'' and really are...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   $6.95       

Tulip triumph Negrita - 10 flower bulbs

Negrita a wonderful and very popular Triumph tulip wth striking rich shades of deep purple. For a stunning display plant Negrita alongside...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   $5.95       

Tulip viridiflora Artist - 10 flower bulbs

Artist is a fine viridiflora tulip flowering late spring bridging the gap between spring bloomers and early summer plants, they look sensational in...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   $5.95       

Tulip viridiflora Collection - 40 flower bulbs

For an artistic look in the garden, this unusual collection with it's unique color combinations is a must!
40 flower bulbs $24.95   $19.95