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Tulip Tricolor Collection - 30 flower bulbs

Tulip Tricolor Collection - 30 flower bulbs

We have created a fantastic combination of enchanting tulips to add a touch of class to your garden this spring; three magnificent colors all... $12.95
  $14.95Save $2.00

A well known Darwin hybrid with warm coloured, slightly orange-red flowers. This tulip is lovely flowering in combination with Golden Apeldoorn.
20 flower bulbs $6.95   

Lily Flowering Tulip Mix - 10 flower bulbs

A very decorative border tulip with elegant lily-like flowers. Rarely seen in the garden, the petals arch back, giving this tulip its unique shape.
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Species Tulip Collection - 30 flower bulbs

This precious tulip collection will re-appear for seasons to come, ideal for in borders, rock gardens and pots.
From 30 flower bulbs $12.95   

Tulip Collection 4 x 10

This fine collection consists of some of the most unusual, eyecatching tulips around flowering in April and May.
From $24.95   $22.95    

Tulip combo Passionale + Gander - 20 flower bulbs

A fine combination of two exquisite Triumph tulip varieties, Gander and Passionale both flower at the same time in a lovely combination of magenta-purple and deep pink. These tulips are mid season flowering, creating a unique color scheme in your bo
From 20 flower bulbs $12.95   

Tulip Combo Peer Gynt + Purple Flag x 20

Both varieties flower at the same time, enhancing the dramatic effect of these fine colors. The offer comprises 10 of each Purple Flag and Peer Gynt
From 20 flower bulbs $12.95   

Tulip combo Peer Gynt + Tuxedo - 20 flower bulbs

A fine combination of the soft pink and ivory white, creating a lovely backdrop in your late spring border. The Tulips Peer Gynt (pink) and Tuxedo (ivory) are well known for their immaculate color and tall stems on which the elegant egg shaped flower
From 20 flower bulbs $9.95   

Tulip Combo Purple Flag Orange Cassini x 20

A super collection of truimph tulips flowering at the same time in contrasting colours deep purple red and bright orange.
From 20 flower bulbs $9.95   

Tulip darwin hybrid Apeldoorn Elite x 10

This lovely multi-colored tulip has a soft vanilla fragrance, sure to please. The flowers are a deep golden with a flush of bright red.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip darwin hybrid Banja Luka - 10 flower bulbs

Big flowers in bright golden flashed with crimson red, this rare tulip will attract a lot of attention. Blooms from mid to late spring, it has a...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip darwin hybrid Burning Heart x 10

A monster tulip with huge soda can sized flowers in bright golden flashed with red. In full sun the flowers open up as wide as a dinner plate! So...
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Tulip darwin hybrid Golden Apeldoorn x 10

Unbeatable tulip for the mid season border, this delightful variety has egg- shaped vibrant, sulphorous yellow blooms on tall sturdy stems. Coming...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip Darwin Hybrid Mix - 50 flower bulbs

Darwin tulips are known to be the most weather resistant of all the garden tulips. They are also among the largest blooming and most highly valued...
50 flower bulbs $19.95   

Tulip darwin hybrid Ollioules - 10 flower bulbs

Ollioules are a unique color combination of cherry pink flushed with pale pink, these highly attractive Darwin hybrids produce very large cup...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip darwin hybrid Oxford - 10 flower bulbs

Fiery red tulip with a soft vanilla scent, the flashy bright red flowers create a real focal point in your garden. The flowers bloom on tall strong...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip Worlds Favourite x 10

Its delightful fragrance and wonderful colour make it perfect for your garden border.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip double early Holland Baby - 10 flower bulbs

Holland Baby are early flowering tulips with large double vivid flashy-red flower heads, their pure brilliant colour will steal the show. They...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip double early Peach Blossom - 10 flower bulbs

Tulip Peach Blossom blooms with rose pink and yellow fully double flowers. Double early tulips

10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Tulip William of Orange x 10

William of Orange is vivid orange flushed with red. Double early tulips have twice as many petals as any other tulips and they make long lasting...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip double flowering Ice Cream - 10 flower bulbs

Majestic peony-like flower heads on strong stems, the tighly packed strawberry-pink petals, tinged with green would remind you of a vanilla ice
10 flower bulbs $17.95   

Tulip double late Angelique - 10 flower bulbs

A highly decorative tulip for the border or in containers, it flowers with majestic peony-like flower heads on strong stems. The double blossom is...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip fosteriana Madame Lefeber - 10 flower bulbs

A brilliant red tulip with a black and yellow base, flowering with a huge flower that opens up in full sun to the size of a dinner plate. Mme...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip fosteriana Purissima - 10 flower bulbs

Tulip Purissima has elegant ivory tulip with egg shaped flowers and blooms mid season on tall stems.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip fringed Bell Song - 10 flower bulbs

This mid season flowering beauty is a rich shade of pink with white fringed edges, it will stand out dramatically in your garden and look fantastic...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip fringed Black Jewel - 5 flower bulbs

This tall variety 'Black Jewel' blooms with striking blackish-burgundy petals with ruffled edges in late April and early May.
5 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip Fringed Collection - 40 flower bulbs

Create a sensational display in your garden with this bold and dramatic fringed tulip collection. The blooms grow to 45cm tall. They flower in May...
From 40 flower bulbs $24.95   

Tulip fringed Crispion Beauty - 5 flower bulbs

This outstanding new variety has large peony-like double flowers in a dazzling shade of crimson flashed with green and with golden fringed edges.
5 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip fringed Fancy Frills - 10 flower bulbs

A showstopper of the tulip world. This fine border tulip has delicate "icicles" along the edges of the flowers which only add to their amazing...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip fringed Lambada - 10 flower bulbs

Lambada is a delightful apricot, orange tulip with a finely cut golden fringe around the edge of each petal. Visitors to your home will be charmed...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Tulip fringed Palmares - 10 flower bulbs

Add warmth to you spring border with this hot new variety. It has bright fire-red petals flamed with black and contrasting golden fringed edges.
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip fringed Valery Gergiev - 10 flower bulbs

The glowing red variety Fringed Valery gergiev is truly dramatic crimson red with attractive crystal like fringes of the same color.
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Tulip greigii Art Royal - 10 flower bulbs

Create a fabulous effect in the garden with these bold, bright Greigii Art Royal tulips, they are a gorgeous golden color flamed with fiery red and...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip greigii German Flag - 10 flower bulbs

This exquisite variety has large flowerheads with crimson petals distinctively edged in contasting golden on short stems with attractive green...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip Greigii Kiev - 10 flower bulbs

A totally new variety only available here! Kiev blooms with huge flowers often exceeding 7" in width, they are brilliantly colored with deep golden...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip greigii Rosana - 10 flower bulbs

These spring beauties have delicate pink star-like blooms tinged with deeper pink turning to crimson with yellow and black centers. Greigii tulips...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Tulip greigii Toronto - 10 flower bulbs

This tulip has rich coral red blooms accented by a broad stroke of green right up the centre of each petal, the flowers are long lasting and their...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Tulip Impression Red - 10 flower bulbs

These impression Tulips are popular for their immense, goblet-shaped flowers on top tall, sturdy stems. They are part of the Darwin Hybrid tulips...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip kaufmanniana Ancilla - 10 flower bulbs

These little beauties are bright red on the outside opening up to reveal white insides with red and yellow centres. Also known as Water Lily tulips...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip Kaufmanniana Hybrid Goldstick x 10

Tulip Goldstick is one of the most popular Kaufmanniana tulips there are, with it's bold, bright yellow flowers splashed with deep red, the flowers...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip Kaufmanniana Stresa - 10 flower bulbs

Glorious tulip with slender flowers in sulphurous golden with deep red flames. This tulip blooms early April and is a real herald of spring.
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip Kolpakowskiana - 10 flower bulbs

Kolpakowskianum is also known as "the Butterfly tulip" blooms with deep sulpherous golden flowers enhanced by a purple-pink gloss and edged with...
10 flower bulbs $6.95   

Tulip Lily Flowering Ballade - 10 flower bulbs

For a charming effect in your sunny spring garden Lily flowering Ballade tulips are unbeatable they have striking magenta flowers edged with white.
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip Lily Flowering Ballade Dream x 10

Add warmth to you spring border with this elegant new variety, it has bright blood red petals with contrasting golden margins.
10 flower bulbs $9.95   

Tulip Lily Flowering Collection - 40 flower bulbs

Create a sensational garden display or an elegant spring bouquet with this breathtaking collection. All blooming in late spring they are excellent...
40 flower bulbs $24.95   

Tulip lily flowering Long Lady - 10 flower bulbs

Tall and elegant tulip Long Lady blooms with large burnt orange and yellow, egg shaped flowers on tall sturdy stems. They bloom in late spring and...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Tulip Lily Flowering Yuri Dolgorukiy x 10

This statuesque beauty has tapered scarlet petals flamed with burgundy and brushed with white at the edges, providing a soft, feathery accent.
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip mix single and double early x 50

We've selected this magnificent mix of beautiful colored tulips especially for you, planted together in a prominent spot this collection of single...
50 flower bulbs $24.95   

Tulip Orange Sunset - 10 flower bulbs

As it's name suggests this wonderful tulip is the colour of the sky glowing at sunset, it is also known to have the largest blooms of all tulips....
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

Tulip parrot Estella Rynveld - 10 flower bulbs

These highly unusual showy parrot tulips have feathery white petals with crimson flames. They grow to a height of 20-25'' and really are...
10 flower bulbs $8.95   

Tulip parrot Rococo - 10 flower bulbs

Tulip parrot Rococo is just the thing for a tremendous show in your garden this spring; they have curious large fiery red flowers with feathered...
10 flower bulbs $7.95   

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