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Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis - 10 flower bulbs

$7.95    $0.80 each

This False Shamrock or Wood Sorrel is a rare plant for indoor and outdoor planters. Oxalis triangularis blooms with dainty soft pink flowers and dramatic deep burgundy red foliage.

This "purple shamrock" is often sold as a gift plant around St. Patrick's Day. Unique plants and very rewarding!

Plant this lovely plant in a rock garden, at the front of your borders or in large pots

  • Spreads over the years
  • Delivered as Corms
  • Full grown height 10 - 20''
  • Full Grown Width 1 - 4''

Offer Comprises:
  • 10 Oxalis regnellii var. triangularis

Shipped from 02-01-2016 thru 05-31-2016
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A08320  Var. Triangularis x 10  $7.95
BUY 40 SAVE $8.85
A08320-4  Var. Triangularis x 40  $22.95

Delivered as
Flower Colour
Flower Colour purple
Blooming Period
Blooming Period May - July
Plant in a
Plant in a partial sunny location
Plant Spacing
Plant Spacing 2''

Hardy thru 5 Fahrenheit

Well drained soil
Suitable for
Suitable for Zone 3 - Zone 8

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