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Galtonia candicans - 5 flower bulbs

$12.95    $2.59 each

Galtonia candicans 'Summer Hyacinths' blooms with tall spires and up to 30 white bell shaped flowers. These charming nodding flowers,best grown in groups are an attractive addition to your late summer borders. Bulb size 12/+. Height up to 1.25 meter
  • Can be used as cutflowers
  • Delivered as Flower bulb(s)
  • Bulb size 12/14
  • Full grown height 3 - 5'
  • Full Grown Width 10 - 20''

Shipped from 02-15-2015 thru 05-31-2015
Priority Airmail Delivery direct from Holland
Available: 47
A08358  Galtonia Candicans x 5  $12.95

Delivered as
Flower bulb(s)
Bulb size
Bulb size 12/14
Flower Colour
Flower Colour white
Blooming Period
Blooming Period July - September
Plant in a
Plant in a sunny location
Plant Spacing
Plant Spacing 8''

Not hardy

Any soil
Suitable for
Suitable for Zone 5 - Zone 8

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