This weeks most popular flower bulbs and plants

Ranunculus asiaticus Mix - 20 flower bulbs

Ranunculus asiaticus Mix - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, giant Ranunculus bulbs produce vibrantly coloured flowers, from the marsh marigold family and bright, tightly... $4.95

Achillea millefolium Collection - 9 plants

Achillea millefolium or Yarrow is a very strong, colorful herbaceous perennial plant, producing masses of dazzling flower heads irresistible to...
9 plants $12.95      

Agapanthus combo Blue/White - 2 plants

Agapanthus is clump-forming perennial. An excellent exotic looking plant for big patio planters and also look great when planted with low growing...
2 plants $8.95      

Amaryllis Double Flowering Red 24/26

The ideal choice for an unforgettable gift or just treat yourself ! Amaryllis double flowering red is a beautiful Amaryllis, perfect from...

Amaryllis Lady Jane 24/26 - 1 flower bulb

This lovely plant is perfect from brightening up the house or conservatory during those dreary winter days. An unforgettable gift for someone...

Amaryllis Minerva 24/26 - 1 flower bulb

Hippeastrum Minerva is a beautiful, large single flowering Amaryllis. Blooms easily with two stems and plenty of huge scarlet flowers with white...

Amaryllis Nymph 24/26 - 1 flower bulb

Amaryllis Nymph has huge breathtaking, funnel shaped peony-like double flowers. The flowers are white with thin red veins. They are almost fully...

Anemone hybrida Serenade - 3 plants

These hardy Japanese Anemone hybrids are amongst the finest most sought after late summer flowering plants, blooming generously from August into...
From 3 plants $9.95      

Aquilegia flabellata Ministar - 3 plants

This pretty dwarf growing hardy Aquilegia or Columbines bloom with deep blue and white flowers on attractive silver grey clover-like foliage in...
From 3 plants $6.95      

Aquilegia or Columbines - 3 plants

Aquilegia or Columbines produce fabulous shaped flowers from the beginning of June to the end of July, which will be the talking point of your...
3 plants $6.95      

Asclepia combo Tuberosa/Cinderella - 6 plants

A lovely border plant with a semi compact growth. Likes a sunny border and blooms with spectacular pink flowers heads laced with hundreds of tiny...
From 6 plants $8.95      

Asclepia incarnata Cinderella x 3

A lovely border plant with a semi compact growth. Likes a sunny border and blooms with spectacular pink flowers heads laced with hundreds of tiny...
3  $6.95      

Aster dumosus Danny Boy pink - 3 plants

These old favourites bloom from late summer into autumn providing color when most other plants are fading. 

3 plants $6.95      

Aster dumosus Woods Blue - 3 plants

The name Aster comes from the Greek word for star also known as Michaelmas Daisies These old favorites bloom from late summer into fall with a...
3 plants $6.95      

Astilbe arendsii Music Collection - 3 plants

A fine selection of Astilbes named after popular '50 and '60 music such as Rock and Roll, Rhythm and Beat and Jump and Jive. 

3 plants $9.95      

Blue and White Spring Garden - 60 flower bulbs

This blue and white garden has been specially chosen for their superior qualities of hardiness. Anemone blanda 'Blue Shade' is a fabulous spring...
60 flower bulbs $9.95      

Blue Border Garden - 12 plants

What a great idea! A selection of blue flowering plants providing color from July until late autumn depending upon the blooming time of each...
12 plants $19.95      

Brodiaea Queen Fabiola - 100 flower bulbs

Also known as mountain lilies; these beautiful flowers produce clusters of funnel shaped flowers in a wonderful shade of bluish purple. They are...
100 flower bulbs $7.95      

Crocus Botanical Mix - 20 flower bulbs

After a long dull winter the soil warms up and Crocuses appear, they're a welcome sight in the lawn or border with their radiant colors.
20 flower bulbs $5.95      

Crocus sieberi Tricolor - 20 flower bulbs

This outstanding variety is hard to come by and will generate quite some interest in spring when it's blooming in all its glory!!
20 flower bulbs $6.95      

Daffodil Collection B (4 x 10) - 40 flower bulbs

This superb hardy collection of 4 stunning varieties are ideal for naturalizing in your borders, rock gardens and planters. Plant them now for...
40 flower bulbs $24.95      

Daffodil double flowering Tahiti - 10 flower bulbs

Tahiti produces stunning large double flowers in a spectacular color combination of deep golden with ruffled, tangerine-orange corona segments in the center.
10 flower bulbs $9.95      

Daffodil Tazetta Paperwhites - 10 flower bulbs

Brighten up those dull winter days with Paperwhite narcissus, one of the easiest bulbs to force for cut flowers or ornamental displays in your...
10 flower bulbs $12.95      

Daffodil Tête à Tête + Delft Blue Bowl - 1 set

Add a sunny spring touch to your home with this lovely earthenware bowl & mini daffodil set. The bowl has been hand painted in the traditional...

Delft Blue Crocus Pots - 1 set

Brighten gloomy winter days with this lovely earthenware pot decorated with traditional 'Old Dutch' pictures in blue and white, it has holes all the...

Delphinium Pacific Giants blue x 3

Tall spikes loaded with bright colorful flowers
3  $6.95      

Echinacea purpurea Crimson Star x 3

Echinacea also known as Rudbeckia purpurea or Cone Flower is a lovely perennial for the summer border. They flower from late summer onwards.
3  $5.95      

Fairytale Garden of 3 varieties - 50 flower bulbs

Sensational collection of 35 glorious bulbs for a lovely display in your planters or borders this spring. The spectacular beauty and astonishing...
50 flower bulbs $6.95      

Hemerocallis Daylily Collection - 4 plants

Daylilies (or Hemerocallis) produce masses of brightly coloured sweetly scented trumpet shaped blooms from June until fall on strong, erect stems....
4 plants $9.95      

Heuchera Coral Bells Mix - 3 plants

Heuchera Coral Plants in 3 different varieties
3 plants $7.95      

Liatris spicata purple - 20 flower bulbs

The extraordinary upside-down flowering plant. Liatris spicata also known as Shooting StarsLong spikes in white or purple, bottlebrush like flowers...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Lilium Lancifolium Splendens Tiger Lily x 3

The petals of this 'Turks-cap' lily are bright orange, spotted with purple and arch gracefully back adding interesting shapes as well as vibrant...
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Lilium oriental Stargazer - 3 flower bulbs

Not only are they exceptionally beautiful, but they are also very fragrant and robust withstanding conditions that most other lilies can't.
3 flower bulbs $6.95      

Muscari Armeniacum + Delft Blue Clog - 1 set

What a lovely gift all the way from Holland! This Delft Blue earthenware glazed Dutch clog planter set comes complete with 6 delightful Blue Grape bul

Oxalis Iron Cross - 20 flower bulbs

Oxalis Iron Cross produces four leaf clover foliage and smashing pink flowers. But it's not just the good luck
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Peony Bowl of Beauty - 1 plant

Bowl of Beauty is an absolutely stunning Peony. It has huge open flowers with double cherry pink petals and conspicuous golden stamens. A fantastic...

Peony Coll Bowl of Beauty/Edulis/Double x 3

This super collection comprises some of the finest peonies available. Bowl of Beauty is candy pink with a bright golden stamen, Edulis Superba Pink Revelationhas double
From 3 plants $16.95      

Peony Combo Double Red White - 1 plant

What a striking sight! Highly decorative collection of two lovely softly scented Peony varieties.

Peony lactiflora Edulis Superba - 1 plant

Edulis superba produces huge, sweetly scented double pink flowers on dark glossy foliage.

Peony lactiflora Sarah Bernhardt - 1 plant

Peony pink revelation Sarah Bernhardt is a masterpiece of nature. The huge pink ruffled flowers are enhanced by creamy white petals around the bas
From $5.95      

Peony lactiflora Sorbet - 1 plant

Peony Sorbet has huge, multiple layered pink and white flowers with a heavenly scent.

Peony lactiflora White - 1 plant

Grace your garden with these elegant white Peonies, they bloom with dense flowerheads and will produce increasingly more flowers

Phlox giant flowering mix - 3 plants

Giant flowering Phlox paniculata are very colorful and sweetly scented. They are ideal plants for the perennial border attracting many butterflies...
3 plants $8.95      

Phlox paniculata Sky Scraper x 3

After years of careful selection we have found an immaculate Phlox with huge flower heads, bright purple blue in color and wonderfully sweetly...
3  $6.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus Mix - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, giant Ranunculus bulbs produce vibrantly coloured flowers, from the marsh marigold family and bright, tightly...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus orange - 20 flower bulbs

Vibrant orange Ranunculus have fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem produces one to several flowers.
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus Pink - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, these bulbs will product pretty pink fully double flowers with tightly clustered petals. Each stem produces...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Ranunculus asiaticus White - 20 flower bulbs

Also known as the Persian buttercup, giant Ranunculus are vibrantly colored white flowers, from the marsh marigold family producing bright, tightly...
20 flower bulbs $4.95      

Saponaria ocymoides Soapwort x 3

Saponaria is a very rewarding ground covering plant, blooms abundantly during April-May with bright pink flowers grouped together in thick clusters
3  $4.95      

Sedum spectabile Autumn fire x 3

Sedum spectabile Autumn fire blooms with clusters of vivid red broccoli-like flowers on grey green fleshy stems
3  $8.95      

September colours garden - 18 plants

A fine offer of plants to add color to your border when most of the earlier plants are fading away. The offer comprises some of the best for the
18 plants $29.95      

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